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Strategic Advisor on Branding Excellence
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Branding Excellence The Brand Evolution Perspectives on branding
Branding Excellence

Today, businesses and consumers are placing increasing importance on brands. Brands give us identity, stimulate our senses and enrich our life experiences. It is a human need to affiliate and surround ourselves with things we know, trust and aspire to be. Strong brands with unique appeals championed by passionate leaders are becoming the body and soul of the 21st century businesses. These strong drivers of business growth are creating a new type of companies with a competitive edge. Companies which benefit from Branding Excellence.

Strong brands create profitable businesses. A strong brand is characterized by a unique brand promise, and an outstanding brand delivery. VentureRepublic provides unique methods and high-performance brand expertise, and enables our clients to benefit from Branding Excellence.

Comparison of the market capitalization of leading globalising firms with strong brands over a couple of years demonstrates that the market has put a premium on the growth opportunities of firms seeking to build individual or portfolios of strong integrated brands, in order to capitalize on growth opportunities.

There are too many products and services in the modern world. People want simplicity and convenience, and strong brands help them to choose among alternatives. Strong brands increase the value of the products and services in terms of user satisfaction, perceived benefits etc. They enhance the business and financial performance of their owners.

In a weak and challenging economic environment, good brand equity is even more important as it helps products and services to compete for attention and incremental sales. A well-established brand with strong brand equity gets a first-mover advantage and a chance to reap the financial benefits.

The unique approach of brand consulting creates and enhances business value

Martin Roll is the leading international speaker and advisor on Branding Excellence

Best practices, new knowledge and international insights on branding
Asian Brand Strategy - New book by Martin Roll
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"Martin is a top tier executive, business consulting professional whose accomplishments when it comes to branding excellence, leadership and Asian knowledge, are second to none. He is bright, articulate and freely shares his knowledge with wit and directness. He approaches both life and the consulting process with integrity, knowledge and a "can do" attitude. I would recommend him without hesitation."

Michael Aagaard Andersen
Managing Director
Pandora Asia-Pacific

"Building successful global brands is - and will be - critical for the rapidly increasing number of Asian champions on the global stage. Martin Roll provides a compelling and practical roadmap on how to do this based on his extensive experience advising Asian corporations."

Dominic Barton
Worldwide Managing Director
McKinsey & Company
"Asian Brand Strategy is an important handbook for Asian executives aspiring to build strong brands. It provides a solid foundation for future success in the global market place."

John A. Quelch
Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration Harvard Business School and Chairman of the Academic Council at CEIBS

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