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Strategic Advisor on Branding Excellence
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Martin Roll - Business and brand strategist
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The Chief Marketing Officer – A New Boardroom Role
The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) has become one of the more commonly talked about corporate designations in recent years. Given the tremendous marketing potential offered by the new media and proliferation of distribution channels, companies have begun to realize the huge potential of marketing in guiding corporate level strategies and substantially contributing to the financial bottom line.

Shiseido - The Asian Cosmetic brand
Of the handful of Asian brands that usually make it to any global brand rankings, most like Sony, Canon, and so on originate from Japan. Japan has for long been known for its prowess in technology, production efficiency, and superior quality. So it is quite natural if it comes as a surprise that one of the strongest Asian cosmetic brands, Shiseido also comes from Japan.

Best Business Books: Asian Brand Strategy
The leading business magazine Strategy+Business has awarded Asian Brand Strategy “Best Business Books”. Asian Brand Strategy is written by business strategist Martin Roll, and has become a best-seller in more than 60 markets across the world. Strategy+Business is published by leading management consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton.

Giorgio Armani - the ultimate fashion brand
The Giorgio Armani brand owned and run by the founder designer Giorgio Armani has earned the much hallowed space in the fashion industry through its superior design, relevant themes and trends. It maintains the aura of a real luxury brand. Not only has Giorgio Armani become one of the most respected and known brand names in the fashion and luxury brand industry, it is also one of the most highly valued fashion companies in the world with a value of nearly 3 billion Euros.

Singapore Airlines - An Excellent Asian brand
Singapore Airlines is one of the most recognised and best-performing brands in Asia. The airline is unique because the boardroom takes dedicated leadership of the brand strategy unlike many other Asian companies. The face of the airline, the Singapore Girl, has become a very successful brand icon with an almost mythical status and aura around her. The Singapore Girl has contributed immensely to the success of Singapore Airlines’ brand strategy and its positioning around customer and service excellence.

10 steps to successful Corporate Branding
A well-drafted and professionally managed corporate branding strategy and implementation plan can be a powerful component of the board room work. Read the 10 crucial steps towards a successful corporate branding strategy.

Branding - The strongest value driver for New Asia
In the next five years, we will see a rapid changing landscape in Asia where the opportunities for Asian companies to benefit from international corporate and product branding efforts will be larger than ever before. The growing emphasis on international branding will move up the boardroom agenda and VentureRepublic strongly believes that branding will become one of the most prominent drivers of value in Asia Pacific in the next two decades.

Martin Roll is Visiting Professor at CEIBS in Shanghai
Martin Roll is Visiting Professor in Strategic Brand Management at China European Business School (CEIBS) in Shanghai. The school is ranked no. 1 Executive Education in Asia by Financial Times 2003, and is a widely recognized institution of learning performance and high academic standards.

The unique approach of brand consulting creates and enhances business value

Martin Roll is the leading international speaker and advisor on Branding Excellence

Best practices, new knowledge and international insights on branding
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"Martin is a top tier executive, business consulting professional whose accomplishments when it comes to branding excellence, leadership and Asian knowledge, are second to none. He is bright, articulate and freely shares his knowledge with wit and directness. He approaches both life and the consulting process with integrity, knowledge and a "can do" attitude. I would recommend him without hesitation."

Michael Aagaard Andersen
Managing Director
Pandora Asia-Pacific

"Building successful global brands is - and will be - critical for the rapidly increasing number of Asian champions on the global stage. Martin Roll provides a compelling and practical roadmap on how to do this based on his extensive experience advising Asian corporations."

Dominic Barton
Worldwide Managing Director
McKinsey & Company
"Asian Brand Strategy is an important handbook for Asian executives aspiring to build strong brands. It provides a solid foundation for future success in the global market place."

John A. Quelch
Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration Harvard Business School and Chairman of the Academic Council at CEIBS

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